You have taken the first, though anonymous step toward your healing and freedom. You came to this website. Congrats!

As they say, the longest road begins with the smallest step. The next step could be to check out the pages on this website, or read some articles about recovery from sex and love addition. Of course, you probably already did that. Why don’t you take a gander at the “characteristics of sex and love addiction” and see if you identify?

You’re welcome to e-mail us at info@SLAANashville.org if you have some specific questions. However, why not be bold and just come to one of the meetings listed here.

You may think you are the only one who has thought, felt and acted THAT way. Or you may believe you are alone and unique in your pain and confusion.

The TRUTH is: you’re not!

In fact, you need never be alone in your misery again! That’s what SLAA is all about. Community. Fellowship. A place where you feel welcome and un-judged. A place where you can share your story – your shame – and surrender to healing. And it’s where you will hear stories of recovery, and of living a life that is HAPPY, JOYOUS and FREE. It IS possible. Even for you. You CAN recover. There IS hope. Best of all, EVERYONE is welcome.