Nashville Video Conference Meetings

As most in-person meetings are on pause and more folks are practicing social distancing at home, it’s important we can find some normalcy in our recovery. In support of those who cannot or do not wish to risk contagion for either their own health, or that of their family, we have set up temporary online closed meetings at the same date and time as our in-person meetings as an alternative.

You have to set up zoom on your device to access these meetings

How to sign up for a Zoom account

How to use Zoom for Desktop

How to use Zoom for Android

How to use Zoom for iOS 


How will I protect my anonymity?
When you enter the Zoom application and/or sign up for your Zoom account, you can choose to name yourself however you wish. You can change your name at any time, including during the meeting.
These meetings are closed to sex and love addicts and anyone threatening the anonymity or safety of the meeting can be removed just like an in-person or phone meeting.

Is it free?
Yes. Intergroup is covering the monthly cost to host these meetings, and there is no cost to any individual who wishes to attend these meetings.

Are in-person meetings still happening?
Not currently

Here is how you can access the online meetings:
Go to This calendar (also below) and click on the link for the meeting you would like to join on the date you are attending. Instructions for joining are within the description as well as hyperlinks for joining by phone or web and how to’s for setting up Zoom. It’s pretty straightforward! You can join by mobile phone or landline as a phone call, or using the Zoom website, or applications. Here’s the calendar: