Thursday meeting resumes 10/20

The Thursday meeting will resume at its regularly scheduled time on October 20th.

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The Monday EAST Meeting is Cancelled.

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Monday Women’s Meeting now at 6:30pm

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Changes to Friday YANA Meeting

The women’s meeting at YANA House on Fridays has moved to 6:00pm.

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New Sunday Evening Meeting Format

The Sunday meeting is temporarily a PHONE meeting at 7:30pm. Dial-in Number: (641) 715-3580, Access Code: 809-131, Host PIN: 1334

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SLAA Inspirational Line

Call the SLAA 24-hour Inspiration Line for new positive messages every 1-2 days, and leave your share at the end of the call: (215) 574-2120.

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You are not alone

You are not alone

Perhaps the most meaningful thing about recovery -for me- is that fact that “I am not alone”. Throughout the ups-and-downs of the 20 plus years I have walked this journey, I have regularly attended recovery meetings. They have always been a safe place where I can honestly express how I feel without judgement or interruption.

There have been dark times and happy times. I haven’t done recovery perfectly at all. In fact, many times I have felt like such a slow learner, not even able to keep hold of the basic tenets of the program. However, in the “big picture” the steps and the fellowship has been a source of great healing and comfort.

Personally, I think the only thing worse then some of the horrid darkness that I have walked though in times past is walking through it alone. Since I got into recovery, I have never had to walk alone. There have always been meetings I could attend and tell my happy or sad truth.

Furthermore, I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I either felt better or worse than everyone. In SLAA, I have learned that I am not unique. I am just another “Bozo on the bus”. A garden variety addict.

I always gain something from other peoples shares. Sometime resonates as true and I feel connected and not alone.

To those who are struggling alone in your darkness… I hope you gather the courage to come to the meetings… share your truth… be open to hear others. There is hope. You never need be alone again.

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Monday Women's Meeting
1 mile North of the Old Hickory Blvd./Franklin Rd. intersection. Enter church grounds from Lakemont Dr. Park in the back lot behind the main church. Enter through the glass door in the middle of the back side of the building. Also, the first Monday of every month is a step study.
Wednesday Meeting
Park behind the building, on the street, or in the lot across the street in front of 1105. Enter through the front door; meeting room is on the south side of the building.
***Business meeting from 6:30-7:00pm the 3rd Wednesday of every month.***
Thursday Meeting
Enter at the purple double doors. It's the first room on the left at top of the first flight of stairs. Mixed meeting (men and women). For more info contact Sarah S. at (615) 498-6047.
Friday Women's Meeting
YANA (You Are Never Alone) House. Closed women’s meeting (Women Only). Literature and open discussion safe house for women (group room). Contact Chandelle (615) 975-3105 for directions and/or information, or E-mail:
Saturday PHONE Meeting
(559) 546-1700
Access Code: 524384
Saturday Meeting - "The Breakfast Club"
Enter on the NORTH side towards the back of the Church property. Three large pillars will be on the right side as you enter the building. Meeting room is 106.
Saturday Meeting - "The Circle of Hope"
Enter on the NORTH side towards the back of the Church property. Three large pillars will be on the right side as you enter the building. Meeting room is 106.
Sunday PHONE Meeting
(641) 715-3580
Access Code: 809-131
Host PIN: 1334

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