Video meeting options during Covid-19

As in-person meetings are increasingly at risk of being put on pause and more folks are practicing social distancing at home, it’s important we can find some normalcy in our recovery. In support of those who cannot or do not wish to risk contagion for either their own health, or that of their family, we have set up temporary online meetings at the same date and time as some of our in person meetings as an alternative.

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Covid-19 precautions

edit 3/17/20 11am: All meetings in Woodmont Hills Church (Saturday breakfast club, Thursday intimacy avoidance) are on hold during Covid-19 social distancing.
edit 3/17/20 9am:  we now have video options on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. For more info read our most recent post and visit our “meetings” subpage

All meetings will still be on!

While skipping meetings can definitely be a part of addiction and intimacy avoidance, we want to take coronavirus seriously.
We are going to be following CDC’s warnings. That means we encourage touching feet instead of hands and avoiding hugs. Also cover your cough and sneeze into a tissue and then throw it away. If you do want a hug though, just ask for one 🙂 .

Also if you are feeling sick, the CDC is advising staying home to protect yourself and those most vulnerable around you. Here is a link to all the SLAA phone meetings:

S.L.A.A. Telephone Meetings

If things get worse and we notice attendance dropping, we are going to arrange a video conference meeting so we can keep the nashville fellowship going. If you have an opinion on when that meeting should happen, email us at
or make your voice heard at an in person meeting- particularly the Saturday morning one.

edit 3/17/20:  
we now have video options on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. For more info read our most recent post and visit our “meetings” subpage

Starting February 2020, the Tuesday Murfreesboro meeting will be open to all genders

Tuesday at 7:00-8:00 pm
Murfreesboro Meeting
Blackman United Methodist Church-  4380 Manson Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37129
Located at Blackman United Methodist Church from 7-8pm
Parking is in the front of the church. Enter through the main doors and walk through the auditorium, take a right when you reach the restrooms and the meeting is in room 208.
Please call Mary H. for additional questions: 281-928-1448 or email


Thursday @ 7:30-8:30 pm – Intimacy Avoidance/Anorexia Meeting

Co-ed open meeting for those suffering from compulsive avoidance of emotional, social, or sexual intimacy with others. Anorexia literature and meeting scripts used at this meeting. Check out for more information on anorexia.

Woodmont Hills Family of Gd Church, 3710 Franklin Road. Use the back (East side) entrance for the church. Signs will direct you to the correct room. Contact Stefanie G. for questions 615-500-2889.

New Tues Night Coed Meeting!

Tues Night Coed Meeting 7:30pm at:
Nashville Recovery Center
6030 Neighborly Avenue
Nashville TN 37209

Entrance is in the back.  Meeting is upstairs and on the right.  This meeting is Closed, (only for Sex and Love addicts, or those who believe they may be a Sex and Love addict.)  If you have questions please contact Holly at

Next Intergroup Discussion meeting: Feb 17

slaa chip
The next Intergroup Discussion meeting will be after the Breakfast Club meeting Saturday morning, Feb 17 at 10:30 am.  Woodmont Hills Family of God Church, 3710 Franklin Pike, Nashville, TN 37204


An Intergroup is a regional service center made up of representatives from local S.L.A.A. Groups.  The combined resources of several Groups in an Intergroup provide effective and widespread outreach to those seeking help for sex and love addiction.

What are the functions of an Intergroup?

  • Maintain and provide a Local Meeting List to the Community
  • Relay important S.L.A.A. information and news from F.W.S.
  • Encourage and Promote Different Types of Meetings
  • Sponsor Special Meetings, Retreats or Conferences
  • Elect and send a Delegate to the Annual Business Meeting
  • Hold Special Events for Fun or for Fund-raising
  • Determine How Contributions are Used
  • Staff Help Lines or Call Centers
  • Get the word out to the Community about S.L.A.A. through Outreach
  • Publish Intergroup Newsletters
  • Maintain an Intergroup Website
  • Elect Officers and Other Service Positions
  • Maintain Archives/Records for the Intergroup
  • Host the International Recovery Convention

You are not alone

You are not alone

Perhaps the most meaningful thing about recovery -for me- is that fact that “I am not alone”. Throughout the ups-and-downs of the 20 plus years I have walked this journey, I have regularly attended recovery meetings. They have always been a safe place where I can honestly express how I feel without judgement or interruption.

There have been dark times and happy times. I haven’t done recovery perfectly at all. In fact, many times I have felt like such a slow learner, not even able to keep hold of the basic tenets of the program. However, in the “big picture” the steps and the fellowship has been a source of great healing and comfort.

Personally, I think the only thing worse then some of the horrid darkness that I have walked though in times past is walking through it alone. Since I got into recovery, I have never had to walk alone. There have always been meetings I could attend and tell my happy or sad truth.

Furthermore, I never felt like I belonged anywhere. I either felt better or worse than everyone. In SLAA, I have learned that I am not unique. I am just another “Bozo on the bus”. A garden variety addict.

I always gain something from other peoples shares. Sometime resonates as true and I feel connected and not alone.

To those who are struggling alone in your darkness… I hope you gather the courage to come to the meetings… share your truth… be open to hear others. There is hope. You never need be alone again.